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htBuild is the simple, and powerful professional grade HTML extension language in the world.


Effortlessly Code Your Site

Create your site in a simplest framework that puts your needs first.

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Launch Anywhere Easily

You can deploy your site on any platform you choose.

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Hard things, made easy

Building sites using a framework is now at your service.

Reduce Redundancy

Coding in htBuild will be more concise when once you start using components in your code. Lesser the repetition, simpler and approachable your code will be

Deploy with 0-Bytes hassle-free

htBuild powers web developers to deploy their sites on any platform they wish. Deployment code will have no added code from htBuild, thus explains its unique feature of 0-Bytes Deployment

Save your time for some caffeine

htBuild allows you to use components and variables. Thereby, you modify your components. not your complete code. Viola! You’ve saved some of your precious time.

Drive your HTML to next-level

This is something our age-old HTML always needed- Variables and Components. htBuild is the easiest framework that increases development performance and levels-up our simple HTML.

Why htBuild

Build your sites with “less mess”!

Global Variables

Declare them once and you can accessthem throughout your project .


Components enhance reusability in your code, making it more comprehensible

Live Server

Updates in your file will be displayed in real-time in your browser without refresh.


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Put up queries and post your feedbacks Connect with us on our #htbuild channel on Discord.

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